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Mercedes Benz 811D 


In 1992, SBS introduced 5 Mercedes Benz 811D minibuses that were bodied by a local company called Asia Coach. These buses were initially deployed on services M1 and M2. In 1994, Dennis Darts replaced the 811Ds of the two services. The 811Ds were then deployed on the newly introduced service 20. After service 20 merged with service 125 on 27 Nov 2000, these buses disappeared for a while, only to reappear on service 323. When service 323 was withdrawn on 24 February 2002, these buses once again disappeared. In June 2002, these buses were spotted on services 42, 182 and 183. They were used only for a very brief period of time before being de-registered by November 2002. Interestingly, one of these 5 buses, SBS8005K, was repainted in the new livery before being de-registered. All 5 buses were sold by February 2003.

Technical / Operational Information

Registration number range  SBS8004M - SBS8008C
Fleet size  5
Engine  Mercedes OM364A 
Gearbox  W4B035

Pictures of Mercedes Benz 811D

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Registration No.
Jelebu Road/                      Bukit Panjang Bus Interchange
14 March 2004
Remarks: SBS9671 is the first trident to be registered in Singapore. It now sports the new attractive advertisement by the Korean Tourism Council promoting Jeju as an island of romance.

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