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MAN 16.240


The only MAN bus in SBS fleet was commissioned in 1990, and  was registered as SBS81S. The model is simply called 16.240, where 16 refers to the gross vehicle weight in tonnes while 240 refers to the maximum output of the engine in bhp. This bus was assembled by Soon Chow, a local bus body builder. The same bodywork is also used on buses of the same model in the fleet of Singapore-Johor Express (SJE). That is why SBS81S gives some regular commuters of SJE a sense of deja vu. Presently this bus is used as a training bus.

Technical / Operational Information

Registration number  SBS81S
Fleet size  1
Engine  MAN D2866 Horizontal 
Gearbox  ZF 4HP500


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Registration No.
Training Bus
Jurong East Interchange
19 March 2003

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