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Scania N113CRB


In 1989, 200 new Scania N113CRB buses were introduced into SBS' fleet. 50 of the buses are fitted with Fuji air-con units while the rest are non air-conditioned. These buses are also touted to be the quietest bus to grace Singapore's roads at that time with a noise emission of some 10dB less than other types.

In 2000, SBS started to refurbish the Scanias. 86 of the non-aircon Scanias were converted to air-con buses, while all the original air-con Scanias were retrofitted with new seat covers and air-con ducts. In particular, SBS79A also had a new Carrier-Sutrak air-con fitted in 2003 behind  the old Fuji air-con as a replacement.

Currently, all Scanias are based in Bedok North and Braddell / Ang Mo Kio depots. After the second phase of Northeast Line rationalisation exercise, quite a number of  Scanias were transferred from Bedok North to Braddell / Ang Mo Kio depot, and were subsequently deployed on services such as 70, 82 and 101.

Technical / Operational Information

  Original air-con Non-aircon Converted air-con
Registration number range SBS31L - SBS80U

SBS3573A - SBS3580Z; SBS3582T - SBS3627Z;

SBS3629T - SBS3637U

SBS3581X; SBS3628X; 

SBS3638S - SBS3722G

Fleet size  50 63 87
Engine  Scania DSC1004
Gearbox  Scania GV680* Scania GAV781*

* Currently almost all the Scania had their original gearboxes replaced by Voith 3-Speed gearboxes.

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