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Mercedes Benz 0405


In 1990 and 1991, a total of 700 O405 buses were introduced into service to replace the older buses such as the Volvo B57 and Mercedes Benz OF1417. 200 of these buses were bodied by Alexander and all of them are air-conditioned. The remaining 500 example are all fitted with Duple Metsec bodies, of which 300 of them are air-conditioned while the remaining 200 are not.

In 2000, SBS started to refurbish these buses, as they had reached the middle of their service life. All the non air-con buses were fitted with Sutrak air-conditioners by 2001 while all the air-con buses had their seat covers and air-con ducts changed by mid-2002. 

There were also 24 originally non air-con buses that were transferred to SBS Leisure after conversion. These buses used have PA prefix in their registration numbers instead of SBS as part of the contract. They were used on Jurong Island services, of which the contract expired on 30 June 2003. Currently some of these buses are used on services 502 and 507. All 24 of them had been re-registered with their previous registration bearing the SBS prefix, but they still retain their red and white SBS Leisure livery.  

Technical / Operational Information

  Alexander body Duple Metsec body, OAC Duple Metsec body, CAC
Registration number range  SBS82P - SBS281G SBS282D - SBS581R SBS3723D - SBS3922X 
Fleet size  200 300 200
Engine  Mercedes 447h 
Gearbox  Mercedes W3E110/2.2R*

* SBS87B, SBS552A - SBS581R have Voith gearbox

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