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Nissan Diesel U31SCN


In early 1986, SBS introduced 20 air-conditioned version of the Nissan Diesel U31SCN. They were registered in the range of SBS10Y to SBS29U. These buses were assembled by Nissan, using Fuji Heavy Industries bodies. When these buses were approaching the 15-year statutory age, they were all deployed on service 15. Upon reaching the statutory age in 2000, some of the buses were retained as training buses. As of December 2002, only 6 U31SCNs remained. They are SBS21R, SBS24H, SBS25E, SBS26C, SBS28Y and SBS29U. In June 2003, the remaining U31SCNs were retired from training duties.

Technical / Operational Information

Registration number range  SBS10Y - SBS29U
Fleet size  20
Engine  Nissan PE6H 
Gearbox  ZF 4HP500


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Registration No.
Training Bus
Hougang South Interchange (former)
20 March 2003


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