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Volvo Super Olympian (B10TL)


As a result of the intense competition from Dennis, which manufactures the Trident, Volvo shut down the production lines of Olympian chassis after completing SBS' order. It developed a new low-floor chassis called thye B10TL, also known as the Super Olympian.

In 1999, Volvo sent a B10TL demonstrator fitted with an Australian Volgren body to SBS. It was registered as SBS9888Y. The bus first served the newly introduced service 87, then moved over to service 502 after a few months. Following the amendment of service 502 on 27th July 2003, this bus had since serve service 80.

On 7 April 2002, SBS Transit launched its second Super Olympian bus. This bus, SBS9800A, is the first of a batch of 50 buses that were ordered following the successful trial of SBS9888Y. This bus first served 82, then 511 as well as 502. After the withdrawal of 511 on 27th July 2003, this bus had served 80 and 147 before settling on 82 again. After service 82 was shorten to Serangoon on 7th Dec 2003, this bus has been serving 80. It is also rather common for SBS9800A to be used as a substitute bus on other services.

The other 49 B10TLs entered service progressively between February and April 2003. They are commonly seen on 21, 25, 28, 31, 56, 70, 72, 76, 88, 133, 161 and 168. In this batch of 50 buses, only one of them, SBS9810X, is fitted with an electronic destination sign, and is assembled in Australia. This bus is now deployed on service 76.

Currently all B10TLs are based in Central District, with the exception of  SBS9888Y and SBS9800A which are based in Hougang Depot.

Technical / Operational Information

  Demonstrator  Others
Registration number range  SBS9888Y SBS9800A - SBS9849K
Fleet size  1 50
Engine  Volvo D10A285
Gearbox  ZF 4HP500 Voith D863.3

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